Top 5 Destinations for a Beautiful Western Summer Vacation

Western Travel Destinations

Heading out west is something everyone should do. If you are from another part of the country, you will be dazzled by the open plains, snowcapped mountains and untouched parts of nature. This summer, when planning your vacation, consider adding one of the top "wonders of the west" to your must hit places. Yosemite National Park: There is a reason … [Read more...]

4 Western Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Give Your Home an Rustic Feel By Adding These 3 Essential Elements

Way back when, living on the range, the kitchen was the heart of the home. Not only was this the place the family would gather to be together, but thanks to the roar of the stove, this was the warmest room in the house. If you are looking to draw from the beauty of the mountains, the wide open plains or the cool desert sunsets, a Western theme for the … [Read more...]

Check Out Our Forged Iron Accessories for Your Home’s Decor

Create a Rustic Feel in Your Dining Room With Our Wrought Iron Lighting

In interior design, it is the accessories that bring out your personality. The hardware, light fixtures and art highlight your personal style, telling the story of the room. When going for a rustic feel, think back to the days of the wild west. This was a time when blacksmiths were the artisans of the town. Forged iron can be beautiful. To add a Western … [Read more...]