Add Rustic Elegance to Your Dining Room With Our Raw Hide Chandeliers

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In the dining room, the food takes center stage. Everyone has gathered to see what you have prepared, slaved over and carefully crafted. Therefore, when decorating this room in your home, it is often minimal, allowing the meal and the seasonal decor to speak for itself. However, there are certain staple pieces that help define the space. For rustic interior … [Read more...]

Our Antique Urn Adds Elegance to Any Room in Your Home


For Southwestern interior decorating, it is the details which really make the room. The chandeliers, frames and linens help to enhance the space. With these items you can add a pop of color, a touch of whimsy and personal flair. When looking to dress the room, handmade items really make the difference. For an entry, dining room or living room, consider … [Read more...]

Try These 5 Accessories to Get the Rustic Look You Want

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When it comes to rustic interior design ideas, it's more than just hanging up a horseshoe or making a coffee table out of reclaimed wood. The rustic design theme has many elegant facets to play off of. For you home or next interior design project, consider incorporating one of these rustic interior design ideas.  There are few things more beautiful … [Read more...]