What Is Your Favorite Western Decor Item?

Your Favorite Western Decor

When a designer mentions western decor items, what comes to  mind? Do images of antlers or hand woven rugs pop into your head. Often a western design element can be the jumping off point for a room. This one item, with the patina, the distressing or the detail can be what inspires a room and what ties it together. How do you know which item will inspire … [Read more...]

Looking to Remodel Your Home? Try Out These 3 Southwestern Color Schemes

Western Color Scheme

When looking to redecorate a home, it can be challenging to know where to begin. One of the top interior design tips we love is to pick a color scheme. The palate you choose will help you to pull from a myriad of different sources, while making sure that everything is cohesive. Let the following three southwestern color schemes be the inspiration for your … [Read more...]

Western Art Spotlight: Wayne Baize

Wayne Baize

True American West artists are those that know the ins and outs of Western life. These are the artists who have spent their lives on the open plains, have met and become cowboys themselves and have seen all sides of the wild wild west. In our Western Art Spotlight we would like to highlight one such artist who is a tried and true Texan. Wayne Baize … [Read more...]