Keep Your Cowhide Rug in Great Shape With These 4 Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Cowhide Rug in Great Shape With These 4 Maintenance Tips

Cowhide rugs add a wonderful Western touch to a room. Whether you choose a natural cowhide or fun cowhide, the sentiment and the style rings true. One thing that may prevent people from taking the plunge and splurging on cowhide, is that they worry about the maintenance. Do not fret, like the cow itself, the rugs are durable. With these four home interior … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Making Any Color Scheme Work for Your Home

Ideas for Creating a Southwestern Style in Your Home

Color makes a bold statement and can set the tone for a home. Understanding which colors to use where, is often a quandary that cannot be easily solved. Especially when talking about paint color, floor tile or other large and permanent items in the home, color can be key. Picking these colors is not like finding the right throw pillow. You have to know what … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Your Furniture is the Most Important Part of Your Room Redesign

Furniture for your Apartment

Often, when people take a look around their room and are not in love with what they see, they want to redesign the walls or the accessories. We ask you to take a step back and consider redesigning the furniture. The big pieces are what anchor the space. Furniture defines traffic patterns, the feel of the room and the use of the space. Before you get going … [Read more...]