What are Your Favorite Western Color Schemes for Your Home?

Selecting Western Color Tones

Even though there are only three basic colors which the eye can see, there are a myriad of ways that these colors can be interpreted. Just look at a box of crayons for instance. While there could only be red, green and blue there are 64 or more. Color wheels teach us that there are many ways that color can be interpreted and combined. In interior design, it … [Read more...]

Give Your Home a Western Feel With Some Unique Western Style Hardware

Western Passion Hardware

They say that the beauty is in the details. When creating home design, consider the little touches that truly bring a room to life. Things such as the drawer pulls, door handles and other hardware give the space personality. When you are looking to create a rustic yet upscale motif, consider incorporating unique western style hardware.  The knobs … [Read more...]

What Is Your Favorite Western Decor Item?

Your Favorite Western Decor

When a designer mentions western decor items, what comes to  mind? Do images of antlers or hand woven rugs pop into your head. Often a western design element can be the jumping off point for a room. This one item, with the patina, the distressing or the detail can be what inspires a room and what ties it together. How do you know which item will inspire … [Read more...]